Morgan Gesha: PRE-ORDER
Morgan Gesha: PRE-ORDER
Morgan Gesha: PRE-ORDER

Morgan Gesha: PRE-ORDER

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NATURAL: Concord Grape • Rose Hips • Chocolate-Cherry

Natural Process
Fruit left on during drying. This classic processing method creates distinctive jammy, candy-like flavors.

CM: Jasmine • Blueberry Pie • Meyer Lemon

CM (Washed Carbonic Maceration Process)
Low and Slow
The rare “CM” process slows down the pace of fermentation to allow for more control and flavors of lemongrass and riesling. Savage is one of the pioneers of this unique method, which draws from techniques of the wine industry.


– (1x) 170g Natural Process Morgan Gesha
– (1x) 170g Washed Carbonic Maceration Process Morgan Gesha
– (1x) Limited Collector's Edt. Merit Coffee: Morgan Gesha Newspaper including the journey of this coffee from Farm to Cup, behind the scenes info on the producer and roasting to instructions on freezing the coffee, and a brew guide for home!


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