Merit x DRY BONES STUDIO 16oz Glass Can
Merit x DRY BONES STUDIO 16oz Glass Can

Merit x DRY BONES STUDIO 16oz Glass Can

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These 16oz glass cans are PERFECT for those homemade iced coffees/lattes you've been making. Margaritas and whiskey sours also taste AMAZING in them. As does chocolate milk. I've even heard a Beaujolais tastes phenomenal from one of these. We'll let you be the judge. Make sure you tag us on Instagram with your assessment (yes... even Bailey's tastes amazing from this cup – even better than from a shoe). 

These travelers have custom hand-drawn art from Cory Lee Snyder – a cardinal sitting on a coffee cup with the phrase "A good cup is all you need." Sometimes in life, something as simple as a good cup of coffee can make all the difference in the world. 

Behind The Design

We're so stoked to introduce y'all to Cory Lee Snyder of Dry Bones Studio. Cory is a freelance designer who just moved to Texas from Florida. His ability to capture powerful concepts and simplify them in an art form is truly inspiring. A lover of coffee & design - we hit it off right away and commissioned 3 different projects with him, this being the first.

Cory Lee Snyder Dry Bones Studio


"A lot of my mornings in texas have been over a good cup of coffee, warming up with some doodling seeing a lot of cardinals in our bird feeder. So I’d say this represents some of my favorite parts of the illustration, and that’s making sketches/ideas over a good cup of coffee.

Cory Lee Snyder Dry Bones
Original sketch

Over the years, I’ve always been drawn to Sailor Jerry style and most traditional tattoo artwork. I’ve always loved work that combines simplicity and the use of negative space well. Combing that with bold messages in a very simple design is something I’m constantly developing to get better at and is where I’d say my style derives from."

Make sure to follow Cory on Instagram @dry_bones_studio


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