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At Merit, we take our coffee seriously. We understand that the key to a perfect cup of joe lies in the freshness of your coffee beans. That's why we've just stocked up on these gorgeous MiiR® Coffee Canisters, your new coffee's best friend.

Designed for Freshness

The Coffee Canister is more than just a storage solution; it's a guardian of flavor. Its interior features an innovative accordion-style seal that goes to work as soon as you twist the bezel lid. This seal actively compresses, expelling oxygen and sealing in the rich, aromatic flavor of your coffee beans. Say goodbye to stale, lackluster brews, and say hello to coffee that tastes as good as the day you bought it.

Easy to Use

Brewing the perfect cup of coffee has never been easier. The Coffee Canister's user-friendly design ensures a hassle-free experience. The simple twist bezel lid opens and closes effortlessly, allowing you to access your beans in a matter of seconds. No more struggling with tricky lids or dealing with complicated mechanisms – just twist, pour, and brew.

Versatile and Spacious

Whether you prefer whole beans or pre-ground coffee, the Coffee Canister has you covered. It's spacious enough to hold a standard 12 oz bag of coffee, ensuring you have a reliable storage solution for your favorite beans. Compact and sleek, it easily fits into any kitchen decor, adding a touch of elegance to your countertop.

Built to Travel

The Coffee Canister's durable construction means you can take your favorite coffee with you wherever you go. Its airtight seal ensures your coffee remains fresh during your travels, making it the perfect companion for coffee enthusiasts on the move.

Experience coffee at its finest. Don't compromise on freshness; choose the canister that locks in flavor and elevates your daily brew. Make it a permanent fixture in your coffee ritual, and taste the difference with every sip.

Upgrade your coffee game today with this Coffee Canister – the secret to preserving coffee's peak flavor.

Did You Know?

Every MiiR® product sold helps fund nonprofit organizations that work to empower communities, while investing in the health of our natural environments. Click here to learn more.

Home Brew Guides

Home Brew Guides

Click below to explore our expert-led video guides and learn how to create café-quality coffee right in your kitchen.

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How light/dark do you roast your coffee?

Our coffee ends up being a light-medium roast which makes it ideal to explore using a variety of different brew methods!

Our roasting philosophy focuses on balancing sweetness, acidity, and body, emphasizing flavor over color. This approach brings out the natural tastes and unique characteristics of the coffee's origin

What's the difference between Washed & Natural process?

In simple terms, when we talk about "washed" and "natural process" coffee, we're referring to two different methods used to prepare coffee beans after they are harvested.

1. Washed Process Coffee:
- In this method, the coffee cherries (the fruit that coffee beans come from) are first washed with water.
- Then, the outer fruit layer is removed, leaving only the bean.
- After that, the beans are fermented in water to remove any remaining fruit bits.
- Finally, the beans are dried.
- The result is a coffee with a cleaner, crisper taste, often with brighter acidity and more defined flavors.

2. Natural Process Coffee:
- Here, the harvested coffee cherries are not washed. Instead, they are dried with the fruit still on the bean.
- This drying usually happens in the sun, and it can take several weeks.
- After drying, the dried fruit layer is removed to get to the bean.
- Coffee made from natural process beans tends to have a sweeter, fruitier flavor profile, sometimes with a heavier body and less acidity compared to washed coffees.

In essence, the key difference lies in how the fruit is removed from the coffee bean and how this affects the flavor of the coffee. Washed coffees are known for their clarity and vibrant flavors, while natural process coffees are often more complex and fruitier.