Our Story

Photo by Chase Daniel
We are obsessed with quality. This is what drove us to start sourcing and roasting our coffee almost 7 years ago. Our team travels to Central/South America and Africa, finding the best quality coffee there is, and works directly with the farmers. The coffee gets shipped to Texas where its roasted on a 45 & 25kg Probat roaster, custom built for us in Germany. We take responsibility for the quality of coffee in your cup very seriously, as well as creating an environment where you can enjoy that coffee, get some work done, connect with friends, or even escape the busyness of life for a bit. Our cafes are focused on the local community and neighborhoods that they are in.
With sourcing and roasting done, the responsibility then falls on our baristas shoulders to brew. Our baristas are amazing and approachable coffee professionals who love learning names, what your favorite drink is, and finding out how that job interview went last week – all while crafting a delicious cup of coffee that we sourced, roasted and brewed for you.


We renovated an old warehouse in South San Antonio and opened Merit Roasting Co. Now we’re traveling the world, building direct trade relationships and bringing back extraordinarily good beans to roast, grind, brew and sell. By personally sourcing beans from around the world, we take responsibility for the quality of the coffee in your cup.