We admit to being fiercely focused on the art and science behind an excellent cup of coffee. That obsessive tendency led us to renovate an old warehouse on San Antonio’s Southside to create a premium coffee roasting facility, Merit Roasting Co.

We personally source many of the batches of beans we roast, literally traveling to the growers to sample their coffee, negotiate a fair price and arrange shipment to San Antonio. Many of our specialty beans come from a single farm or even from a specific area on the farm (micro-terroir), so they are limited in quantity and superior in quality. We work to establish strong, long-term relationships based on good coffee and fair prices.

Once the beans reach us, we roast test batches, cup, taste, adjust, test some more and finally establish the perfect roast for the beans. We package the whole beans fresh from the roaster — rich, aromatic, at the peak of perfection.

Merit Roasting Co. coffees are brewed at Merit Coffee and select restaurants, hotels and retail establishments. To enquire about partnering with us, just click here.

In the heyday of rail travel, the conductor carried a finely-crafted lantern that was fancier than other models. Brass-plated and elaborately engraved, the “presentation lantern” was awarded for exceptional quality and meritorious achievement.