Our foundation at Merit is built on the pursuit of perfection across three different areas: roasting, sourcing and brewing. I see all of our work as a study. An exploration into the next great thing, the next great micro-lot, the next great growing region, the next great tasting experience. Every coffee we work with brings us closer to that goal, and every day we are learning.
Just like Merit, our coffees need a foundation. Something steady and reliable that can stand on its own while highlighting the complexities of our single origin you’ve come to know us by and love.
As with all our greatest Ideas, it started with a question. “What would it look like if Merit created an everyday drinking blend that represents our relentless obsession with quality?” A year of healthy debate, a lot of cupping, and multiple roasting trials later we are honored to present to you what we would consider our favorite every day blend on the market. Always sweet, always reliable, and always created with good energy.

Director of Green Coffee